Tree Surgery


Trees tell their own story, not only do they look fantastic but offer seasonal colours, natural habitats, and in some cases delicious fruits that make your site both a vibrant work and living place.

It’s vital that these trees are pruned and maintained to ensure they remain healthy, look fantastic and do not become dangerous. We aim to preserve, not cut down, trees unless it’s necessary. Our fully trained team undertake all types of tree work including pruning, topping, shaping and removal. These works can be carried out at a time that best suits you to minimise disruption to your business or lifestyle.

Replanting of trees is also an important part of the service that we offer.

We also have a range of methods of stump removal, and treatments to ensure the roots do not regenerate. All of the brash/cuttings are removed and chipped, and then recycled, to ensure that the process is environmentally friendly.